Saturday, March 29, 2008


Welcome to Coomoococklemungmung! When the incredible Italian illustrator Francesca Massai contacted me from Buenos Aires to make a childrens book with her my idea was already in hand -- I always knew the sequel to "White Pigeons" had to be a childrens book because the lack of continuity between Desire and the bi-product thereof always troubled me. I needed to bridge the gap. However, extracting the information needed meant a series of long, strange, and life-threatening bike rides to restaurants, mosques, and soccer fields around New York City in the stifling heat of summer. That turned the "making of" into a story of its own and a subsequent crucial piece to my novel "We Pulse in Pink", wherein I found myself similarly just as lost as Carmen our pigeon protagonist. To help get back on track I enlisted Amy Leo, my sister, long-time children's book editor and copywriter to turn our childrens story into a childrens book. We hope this book acclimates your kids to getting lost early on so they're ready to ride it when it really hits.
Chris Leo

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