Saturday, March 29, 2008


At the New York market Carmen heard:

(next to a picture of a rooster) a Bengali murgi speak Cookarookoo Banga to a
(next to a picture of a dog) kae who replied in Mung-Mung Korean who then called across the street to the (next to a picture of a snake) snake who yelled in Hiss English back to an Ethiopian (next to another rooster) awr dr who spoke Cookaloo Cookaloo Amharic who was trying to negotiate with a horde of bird merchants. (next to pictures of haggling birds) There was a Puerto Rican ave who spoke Chirrido Spanish, a Brazilian ave who spoke Chilrar Portugese, a Hungarian madayr who spoke Csiripel Hungarian, A German vogel who spoke Zirp German, an Irish bird who spoke Chirp English, and an Israeli tseepar who spoke Tseeyoots Hebrew!
There were also all sorts of cats from every country at the market and you know what? They all spoke Mee-ow!

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